Monday, 10 March 2014

Cognizant Latest Placement Paper 2014 (1)

Monday, March 10, 2014

This set of Latest Cognizant Placement paper is collected from on-campus recruitment for the session (2013-14). The questions that are posted below are the exact quantitative aptitude questions collected from Cognizant Online Test conducted by AMCAT.

Details of Cognizant Recruitment process .

No. of Round: 3
Round 1: Online Test
Round 2; Technical Interview
Round 3:  HR Interview.

Online Test is conducted by AMCAT (Third party online test application provider).

Details of Online Aptitude Test

English – 25  ( Time allocated: 25 min)
Quantitative aptitude – 16 ( Time allocated: 16 min)
Logical Reasoning – 14 ( Time allocated: 14 min)
Negative Marking - No.

Here are some exact questions collected from Cognizant Online Test conducted by AMCAT.

1. How many 3 digit numbers can be formed from the digits 2,3,5,6,7 and 9 which are divisible by 5 and none of the digits is repeated?

Ans. 20

Explanation: Since each desired number is divisible by 5, so we much have 5 at the unit place.
Now tens place can be filled by any of the remaining 5 digits
The hundreds place can now be filled by any of the remaining 4 digits .
 Required number of numbers  = (1 * 5 * 4) = 20

2. How many arrangements can be made out of the letters of the word 'MATHEMATICS' be arranged  so that the vowels always come together ?

Ans. 120960

Explanation: In the word 'MATHEMATICS' we treat vowel AEAI as one letter thus we have MTHMTCS(AEAI)
 now we have to arrange 8 letters out of which M occurs twice ,T occurs twice & the rest are different
Number of ways of arranging these letters = 8! / (2!)(2!) = 10080
Now AEAI has 4 letters in which A occurs 2 times and the rest are different
Number of ways of arranging these letters = 4! / 2! = 12
Required number of words = (10080 * 12) = 120960

3. The sum of the ages of  the 5 children's born at the intervals of  3 years each is 50 years what is the age of the youngest child ?

 Ans. 4 years 

Explanation: Let the age of the children's be  
x ,x+3, x+6, x+9, x+12.
x+(x+3)+(x+6)+(x+9)+(x+12)  = 50
5x+30  =  50
5x = 20
Age of the youngest child is x = 4 years.

4.  A bag contains 6 white and 4 black balls .Two balls are drawn at random .Find the probability that they are of the same color?

Ans. 7/45

Explanation: Let S be the sample space.
Number of ways for drawing two balls out of 6 white and
4 red balls = 10C2
=10!/(8!*2!) = 45.
n(S) =45.
Let E =event of getting both balls of the same color.
Then n(E) = number of ways of drawing ( 2balls out of 6) or
(2 balls out of 4).
= 6C2 +4C2
= 6!/(4!*2!) + 4!/(2! *2!)
= 6*5/2 +4 *3/2
=15+6 =21.
P(E) =n(E)/n(S) =21/45 =7/45.

5. In how many  a committee of 5 members can be selected from 6 men 5 ladies consisting of 3 men and 2 ladies ?

Ans. 200

Explanation: 3 men out of 6 and 2 ladies out of 5 are to be chosen
Required number of ways
=(6C3 * 5C2)
= 200
6. A man sold two flats for Rs 675,958 each .On one he gains 16% while on the other he losses 16%. How much does he gain or lose in the whole transaction?

Ans: Loss 2.56%

Explanation: Loss%=[common loss or gain%/10]2=(16/10)2=2.56%

7. The average price of 10 books is increased by 17 Rupees when one of them whose value is Rs.400 is replaced by a new book. What is the price of new book?

Ans. Rs. 570

Explanation: 10 books Average increases by 17 Rupees.So. 10*17= 170.So the new book cost is more and by adding its cost average increase,therefore the cost of new book is 400+170=570.

8. Find least number which when divided by 20,25,35,40 leaves remainders 14,19,29,34?

Ans. 1394

Explanation: 20–14=6
Therefore number = LCM of (20,25,35,40) - 6=1394

The quantitative aptitude part of the online test is quite easy. Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Aggarwal is enough to crack the quantitative aptitude part.

Soon, we will post more questions from Cognizant Latest Placement papers 2014.

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